Benefits of Automating Your Businesses with a Digital Mailroom

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article date 2021-07-09

Technology has transformed the way people live their lives. There has been an enormous shift to modern technology trends from the conventional methods of our lives. Technology is infused so profoundly in our lives that it has become impossible to take it out even while doing the simplest tasks. Even while reading this text, you are using technology. This digital transformation has occurred at industrial and organizational levels and has only been accelerated by the COVID pandemic. During the unfortunate time, it was the cutting-edge technology that kept everyone connected and businesses running.

Today, technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality are being used by businesses even though they were just out there and were not being used by businesses some time back. Let’s take the example of a building’s mailroom. The normal processes at the mailroom included mundane tasks like manual data entry, where the recipients were notified manually about their packages; individual notifications through a call of package pickup; and inefficient package sorting. Nowadays, digital mailrooms are the talk of the town, and the latest mailroom technology is being used to automate mailroom operations in every aspect.

According to the U.S postal mail service, 17.7 million mail pieces are processed every hour. Moreover, a research shows that North America holds a prominent share of the digital mailroom services market due to growing automation in various verticals.

What Is a Digital Mailroom?

A regular mailroom would use a cart and a paper trail, delivering mail to the relevant department. It was a well-rehearsed drill, with the same routine being replicated across the week. On the other hand, a digital mailroom provides a better solution for processing mail than a conventional mailroom by equipping it with the latest technology. It digitizes inbound and outbound deliveries for your business before sending them out to the concerned recipient, all done in the shortest time imaginable.

A digital mailroom software digitizes your mailroom and enhances your businesses’ processes. The mailroom software incorporates AI and machine learning to ensure that every document is categorized as needed, assigned storage racks, and tracked. With this digital transformation, minimal effort needs to be expended, along with many other benefits. So, what are the other benefits? Let’s delve deep into them!

Benefits of Using a Digital Mailroom

Mailroom Operator

There are several benefits of digital mailroom automation. They are:

  1. Go Paperless!

  2. Timely Notifications

  3. Minimal Operational Costs

  4. Zero Lost Deliveries

  5. More Storage for Deliveries

  6. Efficient Process

  7. Secure Process

  8. Enhanced Customer Service

1. Go Paperless!

One of the main benefits of using digital mailroom services includes minimal use of paper. There is no need to maintain records manually, and everything can be logged into the system with just a scan. The mailroom technology uses the latest advancements like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan both printed and handwritten labels. Moreover, a digital document can easily be searched for in the database. Therefore, digital documents are very conducive for collaborative work, especially if you are working remotely or need to access the data from anywhere, any time. Moreover, by eliminating the need to use paper, digital mailroom services also help you reduce your carbon footprint.

2. Timely Notifications

Without digital mailroom software, notifying recipients about their deliveries was a chore. After automating your mailroom, you can notify the recipients about their deliveries in a snap. The mailroom software allows you to scan a package and sends an automated email or SMS to the concerned person. This way, the person is notified about the package within a few seconds. Furthermore, reminders are also sent to the recipient to pick up their packages.

3. Minimal Operational Cost

Digital mailroom software does not require lengthy training sessions. Being very easy to use, mailroom operators and managers can efficiently work around these mailroom software. This reduces onboarding and training costs. Moreover, in a digital mailroom, you can quickly trash the unwanted mail after it is no longer needed by the recipient instead of storing every piece of paper and filling up cabinets. This can help you free up some space in your mailroom, and no extra storage is required.

4. Zero Lost Deliveries

Be it a vital mail or a package, you can be mentally satisfied that you won’t lose it with digital mailroom automation. The digital mailroom software keeps every inbound and outbound package until it reaches the concerned person. Every piece of information is stored at the back end, and a chain of custody is maintained. You can easily retrieve any package journey by simply looking at the package history. With mailroom technology, the chances of losing a package become pretty low.

5. More Storage for Deliveries

The benefits of using the latest mailroom technology also include having more storage for incoming deliveries. The recipients are promptly notified about their deliveries, and that helps in increasing same-day pickups. Moreover, the recipients can choose the fate of their delivery, and the requested action can be performed. It also means getting rid of the recipient's delivery that is no longer needed, eliminating the need for unclaimed mail storage. Your digital mailroom always stays organized, making storage space for more deliveries!

6. Efficient Package Processing

Human beings are prone to making errors, while technology is not. With a digital mailroom, you get to minimize the effort. Every package is delivered to the concerned recipient efficiently.

Lost or missed package details are always available at your fingertips, ensuring you always have an answer for a customer. In addition, the operational efficiency significantly increases with the software’s ability to categorize and prioritize the mail accurately. For example, you can implement ‘First In First Out’ principles and arrange your mail according to pick update so that you do not have to go through the whole pile to get to a package at the far end. This level of efficiency improves overall mail management and saves time!

7. Secure Process

Package theft is a widespread practice, and there are chances that your delivery can be stolen. A digital mailroom reduces the chances of such instances by maintaining a complete chain of custody throughout the package delivery process. The package stays within the building’s mailroom premises until the recipient picks it up. Furthermore, digital mailroom software always stores proof of delivery which can be quickly accessed, minimizing package theft and lost packages.

8. Enhanced Customer Service

With manual processes, there is always a chance of error, negatively affecting the customer satisfaction metric. A business needs to put its best foot forward and provide a seamless experience to its clientele. With digital mailroom automation, the margin for error is minimized. Customer mail and packages can be retrieved within seconds, instant mail notifications can be sent out, and effective communication between the mailroom and recipient can be established. All these additions lead to an enhanced customer satisfaction score.

Wrapping It Up!

We cannot ignore the infiltration of technology into every sphere of our lives. Mailroom automation is just one part of this widespread technology adoption, guaranteeing increased productivity and satisfaction for all stakeholders in the process.

With a digital mailroom, the manager can reduce lost package instances, increase package processing numbers, and run a tight ship. As for the recipient, can have accurate updates on the status of the package, get a smoother package pickup process, and have minimal time spent on a trip to the mailroom. With the advantages and benefits of a digital mailroom abound, it is high time you make the jump and get on board this 21st-century experience.

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