How Does Facility Management Software Help With Mailroom Management?

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article date Sep 22, 2021

The facility management industry is ever evolving. According to Statista, in 2020, the global facility management market was around 1.34 trillion U.S dollars.

As the scope of facility management broadens, the budget and team allocated to it within organizations also expand. Facility management has a direct impact on various social trends. These include employee engagement, promoting automation, and even health and wellness.

Facility management has slowly become more relevant than ever. As a result, business managers often find it beneficial to invest in good facility management software to create efficiency.

What Is Facility Management?

Facility management consists of tools and services that optimize buildings and organizations' functionality, safety, and continuity. It helps create a safe and productive work environment so employees can do their best work. In other words, it can also be explained as a set of standards for the discipline in the company.

Facility Management helps support organizations to meeting their strategic goals effectively.

What Are the Types of Facility Management?

Facility management has two distinct types. They include Hard Facility Management (Hard FM) and Soft Facility Management. (Soft FM)

Hard Facility Management: It deals with physical assets like wiring, plumbing, heating, and cooling falls.

Soft Facility Management: It deals with tasks conducted by people. This comprises catering, security, custodial services, and more.

What Is a Facility Manager?

A facility manager manages your company's assets and operating budgets. By conducting daily inspections, facility managers ensure that their organization is running smoothly.

They are responsible for maintaining and upkeeping the organization's buildings. They make sure that all legal requirements and safety standards are met. A good facility manager leverages both technical knowledge and social skills to get work done.

Their tasks include property management, building administration, budget management, handling emergency cases and more. They need to maintain good relationships with employees and executives alike. Successful facility managers are quick thinkers, decision-makers, and problem solvers.

How Does Facility Management Software Help You Manage Your Mailroom?

Facility management software can be an effective solution for mailroom management. They make facility managers' jobs a whole lot easier. With the help of this technology, mailroom managers can ensure successful package deliveries. Moreover, they increase customer satisfaction and prevent losses.

Here are four ways how facility management software can do wonders for your mailroom:

1. Improved Efficiency

A facility management software can help you streamline all your mailroom operations. It automates the way you process mail. As a result, you can establish smoother workflows. Furthermore, you can eliminate the risk of error and minimize costs.

2. Employee Performance

Facility Management software like Mailroom by PackageX offers mailroom managers robust analytics to measure key performance metrics. These analytics help them make informed decisions regarding employee onboarding. With only productive employees at work, the mailroom can work at its optimum efficiency.

3. Enabling Mobility and Easy Collaboration

Cloud-based facility management software promotes mobility and effective team collaboration. That's because it can help managers remotely manage the mailroom. The software stores a record of all inbound and outbound mail. It also enables package tracking once it arrives at the mailroom. Moreover, it stores proof of delivery once the package is delivered. With the help of the right tech solution, mailroom managers can easily remotely track all the mailroom activity.

Cloud-based facility management software like PackageX is also highly scalable as the organization grows. Additionally, it does not require any hardware and is a cost-effective solution.

4. Optimizing Mailroom Space

Sometimes when recipients do not pick up their mail, mailrooms get cluttered. Cluttered mailrooms can result in misplaced mail and damaged packages. With the help of FM software, managers can quickly scan package details. This increases the likelihood of same-day deliveries.

It also enables automated notifications and contactless pickup, which ensure speedy deliveries. As a result, mailrooms are less likely to be overcrowded. In this way, managers can better manage and optimize mailroom space.

Why Is Facility Management Important?

For employees to be productive, they need to be in a workspace they feel safe and happy in. Facility management helps make that possible. It directly impacts the long-term value of your organization. It's essential for optimizing space and enhancing workplace experience. Additionally, it helps with energy management and guides capital projects.

Research conducted by Acee shows that buildings can save up to 30%-50% through integrated systems. Facility management software can help you achieve that and more.


For companies to thrive, they need to have efficient and result-driven workflows in place. That's only possible if the employees are satisfied and working at the best of their abilities. For that to happen, employees need to feel safe and motivated at their workplace. All of this is can be made possible through excellent FM software. Therefore, businesses looking to automate their mailroom should invest in good FM software to digitize their facility management.

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