Ways Legal Industry Can Benefit from Mailroom Automation Software

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article date Oct 12, 2021

The pandemic has brought about many changes in the world. The increasingly volatile and dynamic economic conditions are becoming more complex. All in all, unforeseen circumstances as such call for a more efficient approach to cost management and organizational structures.

Considering the colossal number of documents and business-essential mail streams that have to be captured, and data extrapolated; How can the legal industry tackle the mailroom dilemma most effectively? In order to reduce costs and enable timelier responses to customer correspondence, a sustainable mailroom automation software is needed to stem the flood of paperwork.

Read this blog to discover how you can harness the power of a digital mailroom by using Mailroom by PackageX. The software comes to mitigate exceptions that have caused significant inefficiencies due to error-prone manual processes.

Characteristics of an en efficient mailroom automation software:

• Be able to integrate with your law firm's existing system to digitized mails and deliver them safely.

• Improve efficiency and boost productivity.

• Enable staff to focus better on billable client hours.

• Create a paper-light approach to processes.

• Minimize staff burden.

• A structured operation.

• Promote business continuity.

• Create practices that enable remote work.

Why Mailroom Automation Software is Key to Digital Transformation?

Law firms are increasingly finding themselves working outside of their usual offices. Therefore, the need for a digital mailroom is expanding.

Those working from home require daily by-mail deliveries, access to papers back in main office file rooms, and access to the daily inbound mail and overnight mail arriving at the main office. Having mailroom automation software is the only productive, practical solution!

The ad hoc scan-to-email workaround was a triage solution only at the onset of the pandemic. An analysis of a recent Sandpiper Partners and Williams Lea survey found that 61 percent of law firms are investing heavily in digital document management to meet clients' demands. Another survey indicated that nearly half of law firms outsource their mailing systems and implement digitalized mail systems.

Digitizing your organization's mail intake and distribution system will be the first step forward in the direction of a paper-free office.

Automate Your Legal Industry with Mailroom by PackageX

The legal industry comes with many challenges such as litigation management, document/data management, privacy concerns, confidential records storage, etc. A mailroom automation software can help a law firm capture mail and inbound documents from multiple channels—including physical mail streams, emails, faxes, and web forms.

Overcome the challenges of a physical mailroom by transitioning your operations into a digital workflow that has become a necessity in today's remote-work world. Mailroom by PackageX offers the most sophisticated SaaS platform that can then intelligently process mail and deliveries. The software ensures regulatory compliance and security by centralizing the information on the cloud for instant accessibility. From sending automated image-rich notifications, the AI enabled app will read and scan anything on the label. Making deliveries 95% faster than any other product out there!

Text, words, data, and accuracy are everything in the legal profession, so paralegals, lawyers, and secretaries must keep everything as detailed as possible. With Mailroom by PackageX not only will you be able to system will not only streamline legal documents and information, but it will also help speed up processing.

PackageX is here to solve all your mailroom challenges both in and outside of the courtroom.

Narrow the Digital Divide

The legal industry relies on mail-stream documents (time-sensitive & trial-related) and communication and negotiation between parties. It is one of the most document-intensive industries that leaves no room for conventional mailrooms.
However, 74% of legal businesses are still operating with the same manual process that they have had for decades to gather the information, evidence, and documents. Such processes result in misdirected and misplaced deliveries, delayed checks, and ample time spent scanning, uploading, naming, and attaching documents to the case-management system.

Managing physical documents plus a wide array of electronic information efficiently is critical for legal practices. Digital mailrooms allow law firms to seamlessly manage electronic and physical documents by improving accountability and accelerating mail delivery.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Mailroom Management

Making the right choice will land you with software features that will help you do a lot more than just build up. Mailroom by PackageX will make it easy for your legal business to combine paper and digital files into a single hub.

Reduced Costs

A mailroom automation software is bound to reduce your costs exceptionally. Paring down manual processes and automatic mailroom shows enhanced productivity. Without the need for any hardware or additional equipment, virtually eliminate the cost of physical mail delivery.

All you have to do is get the Mailroom app on your smartphone for scanning package labels and delivery proof. With a free trial and customized subscription plans, PackageX is here to make your business grow.

Mail Security and Traceability

Mailroom by PackageX for law firms provides real-time tracking from the second it is scanned. Stay updated every step of the way until it is delivered. A process that minimizes all risks of a lost package. With the help of Mailroom Connect, you can choose to have your mail opened, scanned, held, or destroyed.

Internal processes significantly improve internal processes that can expose confidential information at greater risk—a crucial feature when dealing with sensitive documents.

Remote Mail Management

All digital mail correspondences are cloud-based. Receive your mail no matter where you are! Enabling you to customize your mail notification (email or SMS). Moreover, Mailroom by PackageX can also easily integrate with multiple third-party apps.

Accurate Data Extraction

Standard legal documents such as contracts, court filings, client briefs, etc., are time-consuming and hard to manage. But with features like Optical Character Recognition, Cognitive Capture, and Artificial Intelligence can convert unstructured data into structured data assets. OCR can let you scan up to 50 packages in a single go!

A simple but powerful technology that eliminates manual keystrokes while increasing the accuracy of the entered information.

Increased Turnaround Time

Mailroom by PackageX knows the time-sensitive mails that a legal industry has to deal with routinely. Whether it's local transport or an overnight mailing, mailroom automation software will speed up processing times considerably, delivering information where it needs to be on time. Automatic email notifications of document arrival, approvals, and signatures greatly reduce response time for customers.

The Modern Mailroom

The transformation to a distributed workforce has not changed clients' expectations regarding security and handling. For a legal organization to be enduring, the daily operation of digital mail must go from heroic to organized, secure, and stable.

Because it is not about cutting down staff but making the process faster and accurate than before, Digital mailrooms have become the most central feature now more than ever in top-performing organizations. A much-needed management system that will continue to evolve in the coming years. The new normal calls for an efficient and sustainable modern digital mailroom. The adoption of smart technology can drive that last mile of transforming a paper-to-digital system.

With the power and flexibility of Mailroom by PackageX optimize your law firm for the future!

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