An Uptick in Multi-Family Apartments and Package Management

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article date Oct 05, 2021

The unprecedented era of the 21st century has shown sweeping changes, especially the massive expansion of the e-commerce revolution. The present delivery management model adds many unintended consequences to the ever-growing package volume. According to The Washington Post, package delivery volume in the U.S. amounts to 5%; however, during the COVID-19 pandemic, parcel delivery volume surged by 70%.

This drastic increase in packages has certainly raised issues for many multi-family apartments, including:

• Space and liability issues

• Package tracking problems

• Pick up bottlenecking

• Staff hours spent on organizing

The exponential growth of online shopping calls for action to a better system, serving logistics and security. To have a package management solution has become a constant need and necessity for multi-family house plans.

Henceforth, Mailroom by PackageX brings you an all-in-one solution that has been helping property owners and managers control the exponential influx of packages.

Brunt of Ecommerce and Package Management

This swift change in e-commerce activity will continue to remain even after the pandemic resides. Therefore, to combat this riffle effect and consumers' buying habits, you will require a prop-tech solution to improve tenants' experience and enhance building experiences and the overall delivery process.

Keep reading this blog as we discuss how PackageX helps with mailroom management and adapts to handle the radical challenges of multi-family apartments.

How Increased Package Delivery Affects Multi-Family Apartment Building Plans?

With online sales revenues becoming increasingly crucial for companies, obstacles like lost or stolen packages cost more than just the money spent on shipping a replacement. Factors as such erode customers’ loyalty.

Additionally, since more and more people have started working from home than ever before, multifamily buildings need to intercept the deliveries that come along with it. The influx of deliveries has placed tremendous strain on building managers and staff to coordinate deliveries within the building.

Without a regulated system, property managers are entrenched in the heat with package overload and new delivery demands. It gets even worse when there is a holiday season, with an overabundance of deliveries.

More units will mean more responsibilities, ultimately leading to increased package theft and porch piracy. This is an all-time high matter that results from inept and unsystematic delivery management systems that are not capable of handling high package volumes.

In contrast to communities, dorms, and coworking spaces, thousands of packages are incoming daily in multi-family apartments. A study by BCG has indicated that one in 5 residents demand package management as the essential amenities. Another one of the reasons for the dissatisfaction of tenants includes delayed retrieval and alert, disorganization, and lost packages. A major factor contributing to this problem is apartment buildings' inability to manage package volumes from their tenants. As a result, it hits all sides of the equation. The customers are confused if it's the delivery services' responsibility or the companies?

How Does PackageX Mailroom Help Multi-Family Units?

Since receiving packages has become a normal part of everyday life, you want the process to be as frictionless as possible for your residents. This is where a package management system comes in. Technologies as such are becoming critical to increasing efficiency and accuracy. To understand the gravity of a seamless experience and ensure success in the package delivery landscape.

Whether you are a consumer, shipper, or businessman, to address the customer expectations, thefts, and fraudulent returns, Mailroom by PackageX will be your ultimate narrative! That is how we acknowledge building customers’ trust.

Package rooms and lockers will never be enough or amount to the importance of a digitally managed system. Therefore, you would need a system with a visitor management mindset, ready to cater to the complex logistics of high-volume deliveries.

PackageX, with its AI-powered and cloud-based system, is built to reduce the burden of complex apartments and condo buildings by creating an organized workflow. The software uses OCR technology to:

• Track and scan packages

• Manage mailroom operations smoothly

• Notify residents of their incoming parcels

It is a future-proof solution offered to make secure delivery and package management as stress-free as possible.

Why Mailroom Is the Best Solution for Multi-Family Apartments?

As you weigh the options and pointers given above, consider our final takedown on the outstanding features that PackageX Mailroom offers for residential buildings.

• With only a click of the button, instantly scan packages and notify recipients.

• Painless inbound and outbound package tracking.

• Fast and robust search options: search by carrier, retailer, sender, sender address, or recipient.

• Easily read printed, handwritten, and even partially destroyed labels.

• A designated pick-up location can be assigned to someone else to collect all your business packages in case of non-availability.

• A smart mailroom management operation with real-time data and insightful analytics to help you make informed business decisions.

• Customized branding features to personalize communication for all mediums. The time spent in administration for on-site teams is a significant factor to consider. Instead, look at what it costs not to have a package management system.


Multi-family apartments are an ecosystem in which multiple people work with a single goal – a seamless experience of package delivery and management. Because of the inevitable surge in eCommerce, multi-family apartment building plans must rethink their delivery management operations. Create a solution that is an all-rounder management strategy providing; added efficiency for the building staff, streamlined pick-up or residents, and easier access for delivery providers.

Today, make a wise decision to eliminate any chances of turnover rates, vacant units, and poor reputations. Mailroom by PackageX is a next-generation software powered to simplify operations to save time, decrease operating costs and eliminate logistical headaches. A better system to embrace for your today and tomorrow!

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