Mailroom Operations: How Can an Office Management Software Help?

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article date 2021-09-10

Whether you run a small business or a large business, you need office management software that will make your life a breeze. To be very precise, you have to be the jack of all trades to juggle between the many operations taking place in your office, as well as mailroom. But don’t you worry; we’ve got you here!

There are several office management software available in the market. Such software help you assist mailroom operations. It serves both small and large organizations to streamline the mailroom operations.

Manage Your Mailroom Operations With an Office Management Software!

Office management software like PackageX Mailroom supports mailroom operations. It can improve the operations that are taking place in your mailroom.

It helps you speed up the mail delivery process while eliminating errors in deliveries, achieving overall efficiency. Automation also reduces operational costs as it requires less labor to manage the mailroom.

It is due to this automation that mailroom operators can improve customer response time and attain customer satisfaction. Operators can achieve same-day deliveries with the help of the software. There is a reduction in customer complaints because packages and mail are kept safe in the mailroom.

Benefits of Using an Office Management Software!

Here is how office management systems can help you in your mailroom operations.

  1. Scan up to 50 Packages in One Go
  2. Automate the Notifications & Reminders
  3. Find the Mail Location From the System
  4. Contact Less Pick-Up
  5. Reduced Package Damage & Loss
  6. Clutter-Free Mailroom
  7. Forecast Your Mailroom Trend

1. Scan Up to 50 Packages in One Go

PackageX Mailroom uses OCR technology to scan barcodes for retrieving recipient information. It eliminates the need for manual data entry. Thus you can reduce error and save time. A unique feature of OCR technology is that it can retrieve information from pictures of handwritten notes and labels. Even torn and damaged labels can be read. It easily scans 50 packages in one go.

2. Automate the Notifications and Reminders

So once you scan the package, the system will display a list of suggested recipients. Now all you must do is choose the recipient, and a notification will be sent to them.

Besides the automated notifications, the system also sends out reminders if the recipient does not pick up mail. This feature reduces the time needed by the mailroom operator to inform recipients.

Find the Mail Location From the System When storing the items in the mailroom, you can create custom labels. These labels help you identify the location and aisle of the item when you enter it into the system.

This helps you reduce customer’s wait time at the reception. Also, you are less likely to lose packages and mail this way as the mailroom is more organized.

3. Contactless Pick-Up

In the current state of the pandemic, these software let you have contactless pick-up. Instead of getting a digital signature from the recipients, the system lets you take a picture of the ID that works as a signature.

Thus, it eliminates the need to have any contact, which is the need of the hour.

4. Reduced Package Damage & Loss

The mail management software also protects your packages from porch pirates. The mail is securely stored in the mailroom, protecting them from thieves. Moreover, the package tracking applications like Shipd lets the recipient track their package at all times.

Moreover, due to system automation, a digital verification is necessary when a recipient comes to collect their package or to ensure that the correct recipient is collecting the package.

5. Clutter-Free Mailroom

With quick scanning and automated notifications, the software lets you achieve same-day deliveries. So, it helps you avoid packages getting piled up in the mailroom.

You can also use the mailroom software to scan and send out mail that recipients can access online. Recipients can then request to discard the mail once they have the soft copy. Thus, the overall amount of mail that mailroom staff has to manage and store is drastically reduced.

6. Forecast Your Mailroom Trend

You can also use the mailroom management system dashboard to get analytical reports about the trends of the mailroom. The analytics can help you identify the periods when there is an increase in the mail, for example, just before holiday periods.

Forecasting the business needs can help you prepare better for the changes in the trend. So, you can increase your staff to handle the mail and packages during the holiday season. This way, your mailroom staff will not get overwhelmed by the increase in workload.

How Do Organizations Handle Their Business Mail?

Let us see how different organizations can use a mailroom management system to handle hundreds of mail and packages that they receive.

Small Organizations

Running any kind of business involves complex operations. These are different software tools available for organization to improve the operations taking place in the office. Often the same office management systems can be tailored for business of different sizes.

Similarly, no matter what the size of your business is, you will receive essential business mail that require efficient mail management. Thus, you need an excellent tool to ensure timely delivery of these mail to your employees. Office management software designed for mailrooms can prove to be lucrative for your business.

Any delays in business mail can lead to a business loss or dissatisfied client. So, to ensure quick mail deliveries to employees, mail managers can send out notifications to employees. With automation, you can reduce errors in deliveries too.

Besides notifications, it lets you send out a scanned version of the mail to the employees to view online, thus avoiding delays. You can choose to have a web-based office management software or a cloud-based.

Organizations With Multiple Residents and Visitors

Organizations that receive regular mail on behalf of their employees or residents need office management software designed for mail management. So, universities and residential areas are the ones that will benefit the most from mail management solutions.

They get regular mail and packages for their students and residents; therefore, such organizations need efficient mailroom management software like PackageX Mailroom.

To ensure that no mail is lost or delivered to the wrong person, it is essential to organize and label the mail while storing them correctly. The office management software lets you create customized labels to mark your mail before storing them in the mailroom.

Similarly, coworking spaces receive multiple packages for their members. Thus, the software is a good option for coworking space managers as well.


An investment today in mailroom management software can drastically improve the performance of your mailroom. So, go beyond the traditional way of mail management. Automate your mailroom operations today to witness the impact.

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