5 Hacks to Improve Package Management at Your Mailroom

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article date 2021-10-21

As the holiday season approaches, we can't help but think of all things mail. Almost every day, there are more packages and parcels to be received and sent than at any other time.

It is a common sight to encounter package rooms overflowing with boxes or lobbies stacked with deliveries as the number of e-commerce purchases rises. Mailrooms cannot handle the rising volume of package deliveries for a straightforward reason: they lack the necessary equipment. Most package managers do not consider mailroom services a high priority when improving the workplace. However, this aspect of workplace operations is used, needed, and relied upon by everyone.

Let's look at five hacks that you can do to transform your mailroom package management.

1. Use Web-Based Dashboard for Package Management

Web-based dashboards not only reduce mailroom staff workloads but also give your business a better understanding of every piece of mail it receives daily. Web dashboards provide package managers with statistics that can be used as a basis for data-driven decisions concerning mail handling.

Leading companies worldwide trust Mailroom by PackageX, including WeWork, Delaware Valley University, Goucher College, and more. The modern package management system integrates the cloud with automatic employee data import and provides mobile worker compatibility. Receivers can instantly receive notifications through emails or texts that the package has been received and is ready for pickup. This method also curbs the delivery delay problems.

2. An Integrated System

Inefficiencies hamper the current state of a package management system in the way packages go through the system, poor storage facilities, and delays in package pickups.

Despite a few solutions, such as package lockers and virtual doormen, they tend to treat the symptoms rather than the underlying problem itself. Staff will need to put in the additional effort because of the present system. Instead of a seamless solution, you need a system that integrates inbound packages across delivery providers and managers to facilitate the process.

From the receiving dock to the final delivery, end-to-end tracking is available. One of the best ways to get insight into the whole lifecycle of every package received and returned is with this tool. You need to approach the package management problem holistically to create a more satisfying experience for everyone involved in the process.

3. OCR Package Label Scanning

Optical Character Recognition technology allows mailroom staff to become more efficient and maximize operational productivity, resulting in a dramatic reduction in package scanning time (can scan bar codes, QR codes, and even handwritten labels).

• No more retyping

• You can use quick searches to find recipients by entering keywords or phrases

• The text on your parcel is editable after you've scanned it using OCR

• Create an editable digital system instead of storing files in filing cabinets

• A powerful tool for enhancing accessibility

4. Designated Pickup

If you have a digital mailroom, you can easily designated people to pick up packages for you or they can be delivered to the concerned person. The designated pickup process reduces mailroom clutter and helps you organize mailroom in a few seconds. This also reduces the chance of losing any package.

Moreover, a company-wide platform allows package managers to monitor employee interactions with packages and track who was assigned to ship or receive them. The accountability loop can be closed if you know who lost sight of the parcel and quickly locate it.

5. Elevated Customer Service

A customer's experience is a critical concern in today's hypercompetitive, globally integrated market. Consider a scenario where a client needs time-sensitive/confidential documents (those that cannot be sent electronically) sent to a prospective client. An unforeseen situation arises, and the documents do not arrive on time. This is due to the delivery crew not having automatic updating software.

You may have lost the package in the mailroom, mistyped the address, or not communicated the delivery date properly. When potential clients cannot obtain the documents when expected, they become frustrated, and they likely begin to suspect that your organization lacks trustworthiness. With a package management system, transferring mail between departments can be easier and more efficient. In addition, every participant of the transaction can stay abreast of the mail's progress by always tracking its location via the software. You can ensure your customers and prospects receive their mail efficiently by a proper package management system. An automated mailroom can improve your customer service experience, dramatically.

Final Thoughts

It is the integrated package delivery solution that everyone needs and wants only because it improves package delivery from beginning to end. Single package management is the only way property managers and delivery providers can lessen their current burden by enabling seamless access, simpler delivery management, and improved package security.

Mailroom by PackageX stands at the top of the list for best package management software for businesses. A suite of systems that provides all the tools you'll need for organizing and optimizing mailroom processes.

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