Student Housing Property Management Software: How Do They Help?

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article date 2021-11-16

One of the essential thing students learn growing up is how to live independently. This exciting transition into adulthood can become a challenge and disturb your educational journey if not appropriately handled. To assist students with safe accommodations, private companies or academic institutions operate student housing properties.

According to RealPage, student housing pre-leasing surged in the first half of 2021, putting it on track to catch up with pre-pandemic levels.

Students try their best to find the student housing property near their academic institute. Regardless of what facility you use to manage your accommodation, student housing property management software can significantly help. Students can use a streamlined system to efficiently handle any student housing property and successfully manage their journey, giving them the best experience and achieving excellent student satisfaction.

Benefits of Student Housing

Student housing provides so many advantages as it has allowed students to learn different skills and made their life a more enjoyable experience. Living in a student housing property has the following benefits:

Meeting Hub

Student housing delivers experiences of meeting new people as many students housing buildings schedule different social gatherings throughout the year. Student housing property management buildings also have standard rooms to spend quality time together or play games.


Students have become more independent while living at a student housing property. It allows them to make their meals, buy groceries, and do other adult things.


Location is the critical factor when students are searching for student housing property. They are near the university and are usually close to the eateries, making it easy for them to travel without any detailed planning.

No/Low Transportation Costs

Students walk or use bikes as most places are close enough; thus, it is convenient for students to move safely around the town and the campus.


Students learn how to budget their money better by living in student housing. Budgeting can keep students on track as they keep a survey on their monthly expenses.

Furnished Rooms

Most student housing buildings come with their rooms already furnished. They have everything that a student needs, from beds to desks. Also, with so many new student housing buildings being built, there are a lot of new, modern furnishings that students can enjoy.

Different Types of Software Used by Educational Institutes

Property Management Software

Student housing property management software has dramatically improved the rental operations for the students. This portal provides students with a way to conduct much of the application, payment, and room selection processes online. Student housing property management software provides full details of current or upcoming vacancies, room assignments, work order status, and previous improvements at residences on the property.

This software manages the financial aspects of running student housing, from collecting checks to generating financial statements for the school. It makes it easy to calculate all rent, security deposits, and fees even if there are multiple payment sources. Students can select the room by giving their preferences and performing instant inspections before and after moving. It is easy to track which student lives in each unit, service requests, work order history, and even any complaints as it stores information for the resident.

With online lease management, you can move students by creating leases faster online and allowing them to be eSigned. It notifies students quickly and reminds them of the rent due date, trash policy, or maintenance policy by sending them a text or email message. The student can arrange maintenance services for facilities by submitting requests online and attaching videos and photos. They can assign them to vendors and get status updates until the request is closed.

Package and Mail Management

Mailrooms for universities or colleges are a challenge that proves to be somewhat tricky. These numbers are increasing tremendously since university students now prefer online shopping, and some students receive packages from back home. With the help of Mailroom by PackageX. It ensures the smooth running of the whole mail operation by employing features like notifications, intelligent scheduling, and customization. This software will not only help save up those precious minutes but will also free your team from the headache of paper slips and documentation.

Are you a student housing owner looking for a package management software? If yes, try our 14-day free trial!

Reception Visitor Management

A reception visitor management software assists with smoothing out the process of managing guests and gathers data about visitors and employees of a university. Visitor management systems make the visitor sign-in process more effective, efficient, and reliable by recording data of the visitor in a database. Some visitor management solutions incorporate the facility to screen guests against watch records, which further expands building security and protects facilities and employees.

Financial Management

The financial account management system helps automate the accounting process and has the provision to set different fee structures for other category students based on the fees concession. It allows online payment for students as it is linked with the payment gateways associated with particular banks.


Student housing plays a vital role in a student's life. Without the confirmation of safe and sound living space, one can't focus on essential things. Thus, students and their guardians must investigate this matter and provide a living space before getting into other aspects of academic life. Using a student housing property management software solution can keep track of resident information while reducing overhead costs.

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