Using a Digital Mailbox as a Student: All You Need to Know!

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article date 2021-08-06

Students are one of the most tech-savvy people around. It naturally follows that they will be up to date with the latest advancements in technology. After all, the use of technology makes lives much more accessible. It makes things too quick, easy to use, and efficient.

To keep up with this trend, organizations are constantly applying technology to an otherwise traditional field. One such application of technology is for mail and packages, manifesting itself in a digital mailbox. Digital mailboxes have become hugely popular with the student population. They are increasingly being used in universities, colleges and are scattered all over college towns. With the help of a mail management solution, the process becomes even more swift.

Let’s have a look then at what a digital mailbox is, what it does, and how it benefits students.

What Is a Digital Mailbox?

Digital Mailbox Although numerous functions are transitioning to a digital cloud, having a physical mailing address is still critical. It provides an easy way for organizations such as banks and hospitals to reach you. Moreover, the mail is necessary to carry out important correspondence. Universities and colleges can send important documents or mail them to your mailing address.

A digital mailbox provides an alternate method to receive this physical mail. Instead of the address being of your home or apartment, it is of another location. While still a current physical address, the address is a company that hosts the digital mailbox on your behalf. You must pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to the company, which receives the mail for you. Whenever there is mail addressed to your name, you get a notification on your smartphone.

You can then choose to have that mail opened, digitally scanned, and sent to you over email. Furthermore, you can choose to have this mail forwarded to your present address, wherever it is. Another option is to have this mail destroyed or picked up by an acquaintance.

In a nutshell, digital mailboxes give you unprecedented flexibility with your mail. They can be beneficial for students, but how? Let’s have a look.

What’s the Benefit for Students?

Mail Delivery

The advantage of a digital mailbox for students is immense. Students’ lives are predominantly mobile. They need to move about, and for a range of reasons constantly. They might need to relocate for a six-month internship or go home for summer break. They could also go abroad for a semester exchange.

Easy Access to Mail: Whatever the reason, they would not be able to access their mail during this time. However, service bills, financial documents, and other important mail would still need to be received. Here, a digital mailbox comes in handy for students.

Mail Security: Even from a thousand miles away, students can have full access to their mail and perform a multitude of operations on it, all from the convenience of their smartphones.

Saves Time: Another utility of digital mailboxes is time savings. Students tend to be short on time for most of the day. It can be due to going between classes, shuffling multiple jobs, or grinding away in labs.

Hence, it can be difficult for a student to make time and pay a visit to the mailroom. With a digital mailbox, they don’t need to. You can choose the fate of your mail simply through your smartphone. They can choose from a range of actions against their deliveries.

Features of a Digital Mailbox That Can Help Students

Let’s go over some of the features of a digital mailbox that can come in handy for students.

1. Complete Control Over Mail

The digital mailbox sends an automated notification using a mail management solution whenever a letter or document arrives. You can then ask the mailbox service to open the letter, have it scanned, and sent it to you like an image or PDF. This process frees you up from having to go to the mailroom for mundane and routine documents.

You can also opt to have unwanted mail, such as promotional material and brochures shredded and discarded. You can have your mail stored in the mailroom as well and pick it up later.

2. Mail Forwarding

Students of today pack light. When moving to college dorms or apartments, they tend to rely on eCommerce to fulfill their needs. It means an influx of parcels and packages, which need to be delivered to their doorstep.

With a digital mailbox, the recipient can forward the package anywhere they want at their preferred time. Now no more unattended packages left in the hallway, at the mercy of porch pirates.

This feature can also come in handy when essential documents need to be signed or forms filled.

3. Designated Pickup

If a student is not available on campus for an extended period, they can designate a close friend or acquaintance to pick up their mail on their behalf. If you need to respond to mail quickly, this feature can be helpful.

4. Security

Personal and financial documents are sensitive and need to be kept safe. As already mentioned before, porch pirates can be a cause of concern. Checks, bills, vouchers, etc., need to be kept secure in your absence. A pile of them outside your front door is bound to garner unwanted attention.

With a digital mailbox, you can assure that these documents do not get into the wrong hands. Almost all such mailbox locations are staffed 24/7, with sufficient security features to keep your mail safe.

5. Cloud Storage of Mail

If you are using a digital mailbox, you will have access to your mail round the clock. Most services upload scanned mail to the cloud, allowing you easy access.

You no longer must keep these documents in your bag or stuff them in your pockets when you are on the move. Whenever you need to read them or go over a detail, simply go to the digital mailbox app and look at the document.

Students need to manage other tasks at hand along with their studies and it becomes very difficult for them to keep a track of their important deliveries. This is where they require a digital solution to their problem.

An efficient mailing system is very important for our daily tasks. In case of absence of an efficient mailroom, a digital mailbox coupled with a mail management solution can come in handy. It is paramount to look at the above-mentioned factors and benefits while choosing an efficient mailbox, especially as a student. Make sure to make the wise choice!

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