7 Reasons Why You Need a Mailbox Rental!

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article date 2021-08-23

There are multiple ways how mailbox rental can be of use to you. A report by Statistica shows that after the pandemic, around 44% of the US workforce started working from home. That means a lot of us are getting work-related mail at our private addresses.

Similarly, for business owners working out of their homes, getting tons of work mail on their addresses can be quite a hassle. A mailbox rental service can be a reliable solution for this. It offers you privacy, security, and convenience.

What Is a Mailbox Rental?

You can rent a mailbox through several companies. The company's street address will then be your mailing address. The rented mailbox stores your mail for you so you can pick it up when needed or forward it to you as necessary.

Always choose a mailbox that uses a mail management software. It will help you stay updated with the status of your parcel, anywhere and any time!

7 Ways Mailbox Rental Can Be of Use to You

Getting a mailbox rental service can make life easier. It’s the best way to keep your business and personal mail separate. Here are a few other reasons why mailbox rental might be a good option for you:

  1. Offers Security
  2. Allows Privacy
  3. Increases Convenience
  4. Mobility
  5. Additional Services
  6. Increases Legitimacy
  7. Better than a PO box

1. Offers Security

According to CNBC, over a third of Americans have been subjected to package theft. Porch pirates often steal unattended packages from people’s porches instilling fear and anxiety in the recipients. Renting a mailbox can be especially beneficial in this situation.

Mailbox rentals are confidential and secure. They offer secure receipt storage for mail, and don't give out any personal information on box holders. This helps your important mail be safe, and you can easily pick it up at your convenience without fear of it being stolen.

2. Allows Privacy

Maintaining a work-life balance is essential to many. That’s why receiving business mail at your home address can be a hassle. Mailbox rental service allows you to have a separate mail address for all work-related packages.

It is the best way to keep your professional and personal correspondence separate and ensure nothing is getting out of place.

3. Increased Convenience

Sometimes you aren’t at home when your package arrives, and you don’t want it to be left unattended in front of your home. Other times you are uncomfortable with delivery people coming where you live. For these situations, a rental mailbox can do wonders.

You can easily direct all your packages to the rental mailbox and pick them up whenever you want. Many postal services like UPS accept packages from any carrier and keep them safe until the recipient picks them up. This allows you to move on your own time and not worry about package theft.

4. Mobility

Mailbox rental services allow people who frequently travel to have a designated place set up for all their mail. Changing mail addresses can quickly become a hassle if you are constantly moving from one place to another.

Mailbox rentals offer you one secure place where your package can go, no matter where you are yourself. Furthermore, if you are out of station for extended mailbox rental services, you can also forward your package to your current location.

5. Additional Services

As mailboxes can receive shipments from various carriers, they are a versatile service to have. Moreover, they come with additional perks that allow you to hold and deliver your package to you at your convenience.

You can also access your package on a 24/7 basis, so there are no time restrictions as well.

6. Increases Legitimacy

Through a mailbox, your business can acquire an actual street address. This address is searchable and provides your business with a professional image.

Customers tend to trust an actual street address far more than a PO Box number. This is why, for small business owners, renting a mailbox can help establish a sense of credibility with customers.

7. Better Than a P.O Box

Renting a mailbox is also better than getting a PO box. That's because you can only acquire an actual street address for your business through a mailbox rental.

When filing paperwork, you won't be able to use a PO box address as an official mailing address for your small business. Similarly, it won't come up in a searchable location listing on Google. Unlike PO boxes however, rented mailboxes can be used as official business addresses and are searchable.

How Can a Mail Management Software Help?

Mail management software can be of great help when renting a mailbox. They provide you with notifications that alert you to when your package will arrive. With the help of these notifications, you can easily pick the package up at your convenience or contact the service providers to hold it for you.


Renting a mailbox service can be a great way to keep your personal and professional correspondence separate. Moreover, it helps home-based business owners avoid package theft, get more privacy and showcase a professional image to customers. All these reasons make it a valuable service to opt for.

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