Ways to Enhance Employee Experience with Mailroom Automation

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article date Jan 04, 2019

With the boom in e-commerce industry over the last decade, the number of people making online purchases has increased drastically. This means, every other organization now receives an influx of packages belonging to their employees. This has resulted in an inevitable rise in the amount of activity happening in the mailrooms.

More parcels being received daily means a greater amount of workload in the mailroom and an increase in the number of people required to manage deliveries each day.

In this scenario, a delivery management software, like PackageX, could prove to be a lifesaver for most organizations. Here are three major reasons why:

Decreased operational cost

When you’re managing the incoming deliveries manually, you need to have multiple resources at work in order to make sure no mistakes are made. Several people are required to carry out each task respectively. Plus, there’s an increase in the number of total work hours. What that means for your organization is that your operational cost is going to increase.

However, if you use a delivery management software, the greatest advantage you’ll have is automation. The tasks that would otherwise take hours to complete and could not be done without multiple resources, can now be completed with only a few people at work and in much less time.

Also, there will be fewer chances of human error. And this higher accuracy will result in higher productivity and efficiency.

Supporting the mobile workforce

Today’s world is 10 times faster than it was 10 years ago. That means an organization that once had employees present in-house all the time now has several members of the workforce traveling daily. This makes it very difficult to keep track of every member and notify them of the deliveries.

With PackageX, you can easily notify employees about their packages through email, SMS or slack. Simply scan the label and the app will notify the correct recipient that their package is available for pickup.

Better service and increased employee satisfaction

There are times when your employees get important stuff delivered at the workplace just because that’s where they spend most of their day and consider the safest place to get their packages delivered. But because of the communication gap between mailroom and other departments, the likelihood of losing parcels becomes very high. And as a result, there is confusion all over the workplace, and there are several people fretting over the lost parcel.

A delivery management software solves this problem by keeping a track record of every package that is logged into the system. Every person involved in the delivery cycle, from the mailroom operator to the recipient, knows where a particular package is. And you no longer have to worry about going back and forth while communicating about packages.

With this increase in the number of incoming packages over the past few years, there are high chances that this number will only continue to rise. So, investing in a delivery management software is your safest bet if you want to minimize challenges.

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