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article date Jan 27, 2021

Opting for the best office space management software is essential to business owners. In this fast-paced world, an abundance of data flows in our offices day and night. In addition to this, as the company grows, it becomes more difficult to manage businesses efficiently and effectively.

A good office management software helps you control the chaos data brings. A survey by Ultimate Software shows that according to 92% of employees, apps that help people work more efficiently is positively correlated to higher work satisfaction.

What is Office Management Software?

Office management software helps administrators manage information by electronically creating, storing, and collecting data that might vary from inventory, such as bank statements or records of sale.

With the help of the best web-based office management software, you just need a computer to access company files. Apart from this, you are provided with services that enhance the performance of employees.

Best Office Management Software in 2021

There are a lot of brilliant choices available for office management software in the market. In this blog, we will do a thorough break down of some of the best options available in various categories.

Mailroom Management Software

Companies often find it difficult to handle the increasing influx of mail in their mailrooms. Receiving, processing, and delivering mail to rightful recipients can be a hectic task. That’s why errors in delivery are not uncommon. Good mailroom management software can help systematize processes and prevent mailroom staff from getting overwhelmed and making mistakes.

1. PackageX Mailroom


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Mailroom by PackageX proposes a new and improved way for mailrooms to conduct their business. It works seamlessly with all forms of buildings such as hospitals, warehouses, hotels, and many more.

With the skillful use of artificial intelligence and machine vision, the app beautifully automates mailroom tasks; thereby, circumventing disorder and errors in judgement that come with manual work.

⭐ Key Features

  • The app provides complete contactless delivery.
  • Recipients are provided with visual notifications.
  • Options to hold, discard, or redirect mail to a different mailroom.
  • Pictures and descriptions of the package are sent to customers, so they are aware of the package contents.
  • Regular reminders are given, so recipients know when to pick-up packages.
  • Quick barcode scanning technology easily stores all package information in its directory. The option for successive scanning is also available.
  • All users have to do is scan a tracking number on a screen with their phone’s camera to start tracking their package. They also receive notifications whenever their package passes through an important location in the delivery process.

💵 Pricing

  • Silver - $94.99/month In this range, the customer is given all standard features and can add customized labels, co-branded email notifications, and customized email sender addresses. They can manage multiple mailrooms and are provided the service of sending text message notifications within the US and Canada.
  • Gold - $113.99/month All silver features are included. Additionally, customers can forward, hold, and discard delivery. Options are available to scan and send letter mail content. Four (4) dedicated onboarding sessions are included.
  • Platinum - Custom Quote/month All gold features are included. Additionally, customers get APIs, webhook access, and text message notifications. Customized onboarding programs and dedicated customer success specialists are also provided.

Project Management Software

For any organization to be successful, tasks have to be executed meticulously. Project management is important because it simplifies how teams work cross-functionally. However, at times, this can prove to be complicated. This is where project management software comes to the rescue.

Using an app can help project managers and teams with bigger picture planning and execution by streamlining information on which tasks are completed.

2. Asana


Asana’s software is used by companies like NASA, UBER and many more – it proves to be a universal solution for project management. The use of cloud-based technology in Asana grants all levels of a company the power to supervise tasks.

Users can manipulate the app by adding and assigning tasks or sharing necessary documents, offering teams a seamless experience.

⭐ Key Features

  • Allows users to create their customized dashboards. You can track the status, create drop-down and filter information.
  • The task can be broken down into manageable pieces and can be assigned a clear owner.
  • It allows you to connect with Google drive and also integrates Microsoft tools like teams, and office 365.
  • Directly links the tasks to either Zoom meetings, Gmail, or Outlook. App mails can easily be tracked with Asana running in the background.
  • Permission is a major factor. It has the ability to create public, or private teams. Adding followers to the team is also possible, so that they are up to date with the task, allowing for smooth collaboration.
  • Admin and privacy controls are also provided, making managing team members easy.

💵 Pricing

  • Basic – Free Allows for 1000 tasks per team, unlimited teams and projects, and unlimited activity logs and file storage. As well as offering a list and board view of projects, calendar view is also available in both iOS and Android.
  • Premium - $10.99/month Customers have access to unlimited tasks and free guests. A timeline, dashboard, forms, rules, and milestones can be utilized as well. Advanced search and private teams are also allowed.
  • Business - $24.99/month You get everything in premium plus the use of portfolio, goals and workload features. Advanced integration is also available. Forms, branching, and customization can be done. In addition, approvals and proofing can also be done.
  • Enterprise – Custom This plan includes a business deal and customers have access to priority support. Data export and deletion, custom branding, as well as SAML and SCIM are also available.

Document Sharing and Filing Software

In the digital age, effective document management takes priority across all enterprises. Technology such as document sharing and filing software enables streamlined processes in all types of organizations.

These benefits allow you to easily share documents with external and internal stakeholders when needed.

This system makes receiving, tracking, managing, and storing documents effortless. It is pivotal for a company interested in adopting a practical approach.

3. Google Docs

Google Drive1

Google Docs is a web-based application that is designed to cater to the need of regulating documents and makes sharing online document incredibly easy.

It is a simple and free online software that can expertly create a documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

⭐ Key Features

  • Can add finesse to any document through proper formatting.
  • It is possible to invite additional users to collaborate on the document.
  • The software allows you to translate the document in different languages.
  • The revision history of the document can be seen by the user and it can also restore previous versions.
  • It allows you to convert any document to a Google document.
  • While downloading the document record, different versions are available to the user.

💵 Pricing

  • Basic – Free Includes all features.
  • Business G Suite Plan - $5/month Includes businesses email addresses, voice and video calls, seamless online calendars, 30 GB worth of online storage to enable file syncing and sharing, and online text documents.

Communication Software for Teams

Teamwork is vital for the success of any company. It lays the groundwork for a smooth workflow and cannot be taken for granted.

It is said that the triumph of an organization lies in its unit, so why not give your team all the tools they need to achieve? Communication software for teams allows them to remain connected and unanimously achieve all organizational goals.

4. Microsoft Teams

MS teams

Microsoft Teams is the most appealing app in the market for collaborators. It lies at the core of modern day business communication.

The app works effectively with departments, students, and corporate spaces. It offers a user-friendly experience that connects people around the globe.

⭐ Key Features

  • Teams are created through channels. They are considered conversation boards.
  • Hosting online meetings is a significant trait of the app, rendering effective communication. It can include different members - be it an employee or an outsider. Note-taking, file uploading and in-meeting chats are available.
  • Online video helps you enjoy a seamless video call experience. Screen sharing aids the act of simple desktop sharing.
  • No more hassle when it comes to saving documents! Document storage is available in SharePoint. Through it, you can automatically reserve files and customize privacy controls.
  • Teams and groups can comfortably chat with each other.
  • Audio conferencing makes this app stand out from the rest. Anyone can join by simply using a phone. Even without internet, members can join with the use of licensing.
  • Microsoft Teams allow users to share a similar background; thereby, generating a congenial work environment.

💵 Pricing

  • Microsoft Teams – Free The free plan allows screen sharing and customized backgrounds. However, online meetings are only allowed to have 300 participants. Duration of the meetings can range up to sixty minutes only.
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic - $5.00 user/month Along with the free features, the scheme allows the customers to record meetings, includes a customized email domain, and 1 TB per user of personal file storage with OneDrive.
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard - $12.50 user/month This plan includes integration with business apps and desktop versions of Office 365 software. Meetings can last about 24 hours.
  • Office 365 E3 - $20.00 user/month The highest tier plan has unlimited cloud space and unlimited file attachment. Chat allows 500k users to interact.

Time Tracking and Productivity Software

Time management is pivotal to any work space. Time tracking and productivity software allow managers to record billing hours, avoiding any discrepancies.

This proves visionary, in terms of budget planning activities. Tasks consuming more time and costing more money can easily be tracked and cross checked.

This software can prove to be a game changer across a number of versatile industries.

5. Toggl Track

toggl track

The application allows both individuals and teams to track daily activities. A streamlined method of reporting is followed by the software. Customers are able to improve their workflow with ease.

Toggl Track is a trusted source for countless institutions. Fortune 500 companies or small organizations can equally benefit from this software.

⭐ Key Features

  • Calendar integration is easily done. With the use of a simple button, calendar events become time entries.
  • Offers effortless data formatting. Customers can select level of details, sort data, or even filter reports.
  • Toggl Track eliminates the hassle of logging into the app repetitively. Scheduled reports are sent to you by mail.
  • Allows background tracking. Every website or software you use for more than 10 seconds with a timeline feature will be made into time entries.
  • Customers can set the app to automatically trigger time entry suggestions.
  • Reports can be easily shared with others. Apart from this, the user can round the time of the entries.

💵 Pricing

  • Basic – Free This plan is available for up to 5 users. Includes time tracking, auto-tracking and idle detection. User has the option of 100+ integrations. Imports and exports of reports and pomodoro time is available.
  • Starter - $9/month Everything from the Basic plan is included with the addition of project templates and billable rates. Time rounding and time estimates can be done. The integration of iCal, and reports can be saved.
  • Premium - $18/month This package has all the features of the Starter plan and more. Time tracker reminders and scheduling is available along with project and admin dashboards. Users can add or lock time entries. Option of time audits or a single sign-on is provided.
  • Enterprise – Custom This package is for unlimited users. Features of the Premium plan are included plus priority support is available. Expert training and assistance is easily accessible. Users have customized solutions at their disposal.

Bookkeeping and Account Management Tools

At the start of a business, keeping track of all transactions can be tricky. However, with the use of software, processing and recording transactions can be done with ease. This gives structure to company finances and reduces staff cost.

6. Intuit QuickBooks


Intuit QuickBooks is a leading application in this category. It caters to mostly small to medium-sized companies. The flexibility, depth, and adjustability offers great potential to customers.

⭐ Key Features

  • The account is linked to Cloud. All the data is stored in the Cloud and lies just a button away.
  • The software has impeccable security. Only customers and users with permission can access data.
  • Tracking of earning and expenses is also allowed. In this manner, users can easily document transactions for tax purposes.
  • Photographs of invoices can be saved in QuickBooks’ application.
  • Customization of bill sales slips are permitted.

💵 Pricing

  • Simple start - $4.80/month Only one user and accountant can use it. Tracking sales, expenses, and profit is possible. Unlimited invoices can be made.
  • Essential - $7.50/month Users can generate sales quotes. Allows 3 users and accountants to create transactions in multiple currencies.
  • Plus - $10.20/month Users can track inventory, project, and profitability. Allows 5 users and accountants.

Note-taking and List-making Tools

At times, there can be too many tasks and moving pieces to remember. This has contributed to a spike in note-taking. Now, more than ever, electronic devices can help us take notes, or list down things we need to remember.

Note-taking and list-making tools can curate this action to become incredibly smooth. Users can rapidly write down thoughts, plans, or any other form of note.

7. Milanote


Milanote is an elegant and sophisticated tool to arrange ideas and manifestos into visual boards. The app doesn't only allow users to make notes but also unites each item.

The software comes with a brilliant UI and it enables users to come up with amazing mind maps by creating and arranging notes as they please.

⭐ Key Features

  • Milanote supports all file extensions; hence, images and text can be uploaded easily.
  • With just a click, the app grants you access to save any website. You can also save pictures, text, and links.
  • The interface of the app is effortless and malleable. This allows the customer to customize the interface in whatever way they prefer.
  • Edit boards in real-time with team members
  • Users can simply make a to-do list or write notes, making task management incredibly easy.
  • The user can also invite and share the boards with whomever they desire.

💵 Pricing

  • Basic – Free There is no time limit. 10 files can be uploaded in this package. You also get unlimited shared boards and 100 notes, images, and links are can be saved.
  • Pay per person - $9.99/month Everything from Basic plus unlimited notes, images, and links can be saved. Additionally, you get unlimited file uploads, unlimited share boards, and search boards and content are also included.
  • Upgrade your team - $49/month The plan accommodates>up to 10 people. Unlimited notes, images, and links can be saved. Users have access to unlimited file upload and shared boards. This package also contains priority support.
  • Upgrade your team - $99/month The only difference in this plan is that this package allows up to 50 people.

Email Management Tools

We’ve all experienced moments where our inbox looks insufferable. And it is essential to categorize emails.

Email management tools provide a structured way of organizing, sorting, and replying to emails. The app is of great significance in business correspondence.

8. Superhuman


Superhuman is created to achieve a truly tranquil email experience. From swift user interface to exquisite visuals, this application is a marvel.

The software gives great attention to the little characteristics, ensuring efficiency.

⭐ Key Features

  • Simplicity of the interface provides for an immensely fast experience.
  • The application makes use of short-cut optimization. This removes user complexity and saves time.
  • The need to write the same introduction in different emails numerous times has been eliminated. Snippets allow the same thing to be added.
  • Prioritizing in superhuman is made effortless with use of splits. Create tabs for mail filtering.
  • The artificial intelligence feature of the app avoids errors while typing emails. The emails can also be scheduled according to time zones.
  • Assistance is given in the starting phases of using the tool.

💵 Pricing

  • Subscription - $30/month The software can only be used if referred by an existing user. There is no free trial.

Meeting Software

In the workplace, half of our time is spent sitting through meetings. Online meeting software allows all members of an organization to communicate easily.

With this cost-effective solution, conference calls can be attended at convenience.

9. Zoom


Zoom’s easy to use software allows users to connect around the world. With the ability to record sessions, collaborate, or share information, it is the optimal solution for work-from-home meetings.

⭐ Key Features

  • Zoom links itself to your calendar. This is the fastest way to plan meetings according to your schedule.
  • Screen multi-sharing is allowed.
  • Users can maintain a private meeting room. By simply customizing a meeting ID, you get complete access to a virtual room.
  • “Touch-up My appearance” feature allows the user a soft focus so you can look your best!

💵 Pricing

  • Basic – Free Host up to 100 users. Duration of group meeting can be up to 40 minutes. Unlimited one-to-one meetings can be held.
  • Pro – $149.90/year Host up to 100 users. Duration of a group meeting can be up to 30 hours. Social media streaming and 1 GB cloud recording is allowed.
  • Business – $199.90/year Host up to 300 users. Recording of transcript and company branding is allowed. Managing of domain and single sign-in is possible.
  • Zoom United Business – $350/year All the features of business the plan are available plus added phone options are included. Users have the option for unlimited calling in 18 countries.

Office management software is a requirement in every business, as it creates a healthy work environment. With an efficient system in place, you can make preparations and set goals for the future.

Software, such as the above, provide companies with a good image and help facilitate employees in reaching their full potential. Ultimately, these programs transform the way your business functions, for the better.

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