Mail Management Software: A Smart Solution for Your Business Mailbox

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article date 2021-09-13

If you are a remote worker or have an online business, a business mailbox rental service is a must-have for you. The need for mail management software has also increased with the increasing demand for a business mailbox rental service. It is also high time for organizations with regular inbound mail to get mail management software.

The mailbox service has gone through automation over the period. By using various software solutions, mailbox operators can digitize the entire inbound and outbound mail process to achieve accuracy and efficiency.

Effective mailroom management tools have enabled virtual mailrooms to increase their deliveries by 20%. According to PR News Wire, the market value of mail management software was recorded at USD 321.4 Million, and the expected increase is USD 466.5 million by 2027.

Why Do You Need a Business Mailbox for Your Business?

Business mailbox rental service is becoming a necessity for small businesses. For a physical address for your remote business, you will need a business mailbox.

You can use the business mailbox to receive mail and packages on your behalf. That is why it is a good option for you to rent a business mailbox. You can use the address for official documentation and business cards too. Moreover, it lets you have a secure mailbox for your business because with automation. An automated mailbox helps to you keep your mail safe.

The mailbox service is now automated by various mail management software solutions, like PackageX Mailroom. This means that you can access your mail from anywhere. You can also avoid unnecessary visits to the mailbox while receiving your mail in time.

What Can a Mail Management Software Do for Your Business Mailbox?

If there is an influx of mail in your organization’s mailroom, you should opt for mail management software. Mail management software automates the entire mail handling operation. This includes receiving mail, sorting the mail, and storing them in the mailroom. All the operations are taken care of with mail management software.

The software lets you scan multiple packages in one go through a picture using various technologies like OCR. The scanning eliminates the need for manual data entry, thus increasing overall speed while decreasing human errors.

Furthermore, you can send out automated notifications to recipients about any mail and packages that they receive. The software assists in storing the mail and keeping the mailroom organized too. So, mail management software makes the entire mail handling process very smooth.

How Do Organizations Benefit From Business Mailbox That Use Mail Management Software?

Now let us see how mail management software solutions help these organizations in carrying out mailroom operations more smoothly and having a secure mailbox for business.

1. Coworking Spaces

Freelancers, remote workers, and remote organizations often buy a business mailbox rental service at coworking spaces. Therefore, coworking space managers use mail management software for efficient mail delivery to the members. The software lets them send out important mail by scanning so the members can have quick access to their mail. It also enables the mailroom manager to keep the mailroom clutter-free as there are fewer mail to manage.

Coworking spaces have been able to reduce the package processing time by 80% through PackageX Mailroom software. A unique feature of this software is that you can scan handwritten notes or torn barcodes. Thus, the scanning and processing process becomes quick with the help of the mail management software and quicker deliveries.

2. Universities

University mailroom managers use mail management software solutions and it is a life-saver for them. Universities have many inbound mail due to the large number students receiving packages from their families.

The software helps send out automated notifications and reminders to students. Furthermore, students can send a request through the software if they want someone else to pick up the package. The software also allows for a contact-free pick-up by taking a picture of the recipient's ID instead of getting their digital signatures.

3. Residential Areas

Residential condos and student dorms also expect many inbound mail. That is why property managers opt for mail management software solutions. The software lets mailroom managers process packages and store them with customized labels for easy identification.

The software is a perfect solution for protecting the packages from porch pirates that are very common in residential areas. Packages are kept safe in the mailroom instead of lying at the door, reducing package thefts and losses.

4. Large Offices

Besides residential areas, large organizational buildings also benefit from mail management software. Organizational mail managers are aware of how important it is to deliver the mail on time. Any delays in important business mail can lead to client dissatisfaction or cause huge losses.

Therefore, large organizations use mail management software to help their business mailbox. It helps them to speedily process the mail besides have a secure business mailbox.


Considering how lucrative mail management software can prove to be for your business mailbox, you should not think twice before investing in this. The decision will surely bring about positive and optimal changes in your mail management operations.

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