How to Manage Influx of Packages at the Front Desk

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article date Nov 19, 2018

Running an organization with hundreds of employees is no walk in the park.

With all the responsibilities of managing the staff and getting them to work at the best, several other duties spring up that not only drain the energy and productive hours of your staff but also overwhelm you as a business owner. One such thing is the overwhelming number packages that are delivered at your front desk every day.

A big number of the packages your front desk receives belongs to your employees. And with the growing trend of online shopping, this number is increasing rapidly.

As a result, your front desk officer remains busy for the most part of their day managing the deliveries, while not having enough time to perform other important tasks in the office. That means, package handling has now become a full-time job, and if you don’t take any measures about it, it will keep costing you a sum.

So, what should a savvy business owner do in this case?

Well, in situations like this, the best solution is to introduce a package management system, like PackageX, to your employees.

PackageX is an AI integrated smartphone app that allows you to handle any and every kind of delivery in seconds. All you need is to snap a picture of the label and its built-in AI will automatically notify the recipient while you’ve already moved on to the next package.

With PackageX, the tedious task of delivery management that otherwise takes hours to complete can be done within a few minutes. Instead of sorting all the parcels and then, manually logging them and notifying the recipients (only to hear complaints about lost parcels), PackageX makes delivery management a breeze. The process is as simple as this:

  1. You snap a photo of the label.
  2. PackageX’s built-in AI scans the label and identifies the recipient (even if the label is handwritten).
  3. PackageX notifies the recipient.
  4. The recipient confirms pickup by entering their name and signature when they pick up the parcel.

That’s it.

No more sorting through hundreds of parcels. No more lost parcels. No more “Is it here yet?” calls. Zero hassle. Zero stress.

Book a demo with PackageX today, and take your first step towards managing your deliveries efficiently.

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