5 Tips to Keep Your Corporate Package Room Organized

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article date 2021-11-19

The first-class mail declined dramatically during COVID-19. Corporate package rooms mainly were loaded with packages more than first-class mail. The scenario has changed now. Offices are opening gradually, and not only has package delivery increased but there is also a surge in first-class mail. Think of a scenario where your mailroom is cluttered with a pile of packages and papers, and you need to deliver a time-sensitive mail to the client; what will you do? Would you have time to go through the packages and paper pile? Of course not. This will result in decreased customer satisfaction.

There are several benefits of having an organized package room. What can you do to keep it organized? How can you make sure that the right mail delivers to the right person? Let’s have a look at some tips that can help you help you keep mail and packages organized.

Tips For Corporate Package Room Organization

Organization is the key to efficiency. The operators need to be on their toes to keep it organized. Sorting mail and packages is no easy task and required effort and energy. What are the quick ways that can help you keep it organized? Let’s delve into it!

1. Automated Package Management

Organizing mail and packages is a tiring task and needs your full attention. You can’t afford to lose an important mail or package of your recipient because it negatively contributes to your customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction and success of the business are directly proportional. While you are at it, conventional methods of organization can decrease your productivity, for instance, manual data entry. Manual data entry of mails and packages is labor-intensive work and is prone to error.

How can you minimize the loss, save time, and increase productivity?

With an automated package room. There are multiple management software available in the market that can help you with mail and packages organization, also known as mailroom management software. Such management software automate your manual tasks and increase productivity. Mailroom by PackageX stands out among all with its ability to scan mail and packages in just 7 seconds each. With its OCR-enabled app, it scans everything that is on the label, i.e., handwritten notes. Its range of smart features not only helps you save time but also increases customer satisfaction.

You can seamlessly operate your mailroom using Mailroom by PackageX. How? Try our 14-day free trial!

2. Efficient Package Management

Efficient package and mail management are only possible if you use efficient technology. It makes organization easy and lets you keep track of every package and mail.

How? package room management software sends instant image-rich notifications to notify recipients about their mail. Recipients can pick up their packages and mail, and you don’t have to worry about the porch pirates or mails getting lost. Convenience is just one tap away if you want it to be.

3. Smart Staff Scheduling

How you schedule staff duties in your package room are very important. You need to have more workforce during peak hours and less during downtime. How is it possible?

It is only possible if you keep track of peaks and downtimes. If you are using management software, you don’t have to keep track manually. Management software provides you with data-driven insights from its smart dashboard and helps you schedule staff duties. Smart staff scheduling increases efficient package management and saves you overhead costs that might come with a mismanaged duty schedule. Isn’t it amazing?

4. Custom Labelling

Generic labels are not an efficient way of keeping your mailroom organized. Packages and time-sensitive mail can mix up quickly, leading to a very chaotic situation when you have lines of recipients waiting for you. How can you plan proactively to cater to this chaos?

Custom labels are the answer to your question. Custom labeling helps you sort mails and packages just the way you want, i.e., fragile items, important mail, etc. It can help you retrieve packages easily. If your package room uses smart management software, then any mail and package is just a click away!

5. Parcel Lockers

Package Lockers

Do you want to level up package organizations and want to provide self-served pickup service? Then take a page from apartment complexes and get parcel lockers installed. They are an efficient way to save space and eliminate clutter.

Parcel Lockers run themselves and provide self-served pickup if it uses a smart management system. Mailroom by PackageX provides parcel locker integrations that help you automate your package room operations. The operator can scan up to 50 packages in one go using Mailroom by PackageX OCR enabled app. Its smart dashboard keeps the chain of custody to ensure that the recipient’s mail and package are secure.

Wrap Up!

Package room organization is tricky, but it can be very convenient if you follow the aforementioned tips. These will help you keep your recipient's important mail and packages organized and increase customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Efficient organization can help you work on other essential tasks that require your energy and attention. So, what are you waiting for? Automate your operations today with the smartest management software available. Increase profit, save time, and GROW!

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