5 Way Small Business Apps Can Help You Manage Your Deliveries Efficiently

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article date Sep 18, 2021

Small business apps can prove to be helpful in managing deliveries. Delivery management can be a tedious task regardless of the size of your company. After the pandemic, the number of deliveries made every day reached an enormous number.

According to Statista, in 2019, global parcel volume amounted to around 103 billion parcels. This amount is estimated to be doubled in 2026. In the face of these growing numbers, manually managing deliveries can result in lost packages and late deliveries.

On top of that, from scheduling and fulfilling orders to customer service and payroll, there are many things you have to manage while running a small business. Using small business apps can help you efficiently manage deliveries and grow your business.

5 Ways Small Business Apps Can Help You Manage Your Deliveries

For many small businesses, outsourcing their last-mile delivery process is not an option. That’s because existing delivery services can be costly and might not be compliant with the local laws. That’s why most small businesses opt for using their delivery service.

A survey by Deloitte shows that 70% of consumers shop online for convenience. 60% of them also stated that the option for home delivery greatly impacted their decision to purchase online. In response to the growing demand for efficient deliveries, businesses need to ensure their delivery service is up to par.

Here are five ways small business applications can help you ensure excellent delivery management:

  1. They allow you to increase productivity within the organization.

  2. They boost customer satisfaction.

  3. They make your delivery process safer.

  4. They help track packages.

  5. They help your business grow.

1. Increased Productivity

If you are running a small business, it means you are limited by the number of employees on your payroll. You need to find a way to do more with less. You need to make quick deliveries, get more customers and increase overall efficiency.

Getting a delivery management app helps you do all that and more. By automating how you process mail and deliveries, you can free up staff for other essential tasks. In this way, you’ll have more work done with the resources you have.

2. Boost Customer Satisfaction

The cornerstone of a successful business is satisfied customers. It's expected to keep the customers notified throughout the delivery process. They need constant communication and the ability to track their package.

This cannot happen without an effective delivery management software. Good software provides recipients with automatic alerts and notifications to keep them updated with their order status. Moreover, some of the also provide recipients with visual notifications to see the package as it arrives at the company’s mailroom. 3. Safer Delivery Process The core of any successful delivery is making sure it reaches the right person. Delivery apps require photographic or signature proof of delivery to record successful drop-offs. This proof of delivery also helps manage future customer queries regarding the package, if any. Moreover, it helps keep the delivery process accurate and credible.

4. Tracking Packages

Package tracking is one of the most useful features of a delivery management application. It allows users to locate lost and misplaced packages by tracking their last location. It can help establish and store a record for the chain of custody of the package if it goes missing.

Recovering these packages can help improve your customer service and minimize your losses.

5. Growing Your Business

Scaling up can be tricky. That’s because it requires a large investment of funds to do so. On the other hand, however, expansion is also necessary to generate more funds. With the help of delivery management technology, small businesses can meet their growth goals efficiently.

Some of the best apps for small businesses act as tools that facilitate expansion. For example, investing in a delivery management tool also helps you in other aspects of business management. It helps eliminate manual work and boosts automation which results in increased capacity for work.

Moreover, the software provides valuable analytics and performance metrics to help managers make informed business decisions.

What Are the Best Apps for Small Businesses?

There are many excellent delivery management applications available on the market. Some of the best apps for small businesses are Envoy Deliveries, QTrack, and Notifii. However, the leading delivery and mail management software is Mailroom by PackageX.

Delivery Management with Mailroom

Mailroom uses OCR technology to scan package labels and identify recipient information. Recipients are then sent automatic notifications. The software comes with smart features that allow the customers to hold, forward or discard their package.

It prevents package pileup in your mailrooms and eliminates the need for manual data entry. Its companion Shipd app allows users to see the location and history of their package in real-time. Moreover, it provides managers with robust analytics and insights into how employees are performing.


Small business apps are a great tool to manage deliveries. They help organizations increase productivity, minimize costs, and enhance customer service. With features like proof of delivery, automatic notifications, and package tracking, these apps help boost efficiency for your business.

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