11 Best Hotel Management Software of 2021 to Boost Efficiency

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article date Jun 08, 2021

The hotel industry is ever-changing. It comes with a range of responsibilities, and it is essential to get a hold of them as quickly as you can. The hotel management industry deals with guest accommodations and services. The hotels need to maintain a standard of excellence and for this purpose, the operations need to run smoothly. Hotel management software helps you automate the hotel management processes and boost the efficiency of the business. Moreover, every industry has to suffer a financial loss during the pandemic, but according to Mckinsey, the hotel industry is among the hardest hit.

People generally confuse hotel management with hospitality. These two are both quite similar yet completely different concepts. Hotel management covers running various hotel operations, whereas hospitality management is a broader term that deals with people management in areas such as nightclubs, casinos, restaurants, transportation, and even hotels. A report conducted by Statista Europe generated 93.71 U.S. dollars of revenue per available room in 2019 as compared to a revenue generation of 100 US dollars in 2018. Europe holds the record for the highest RevPAR for 2018 all around the world.

What is a Hotel Management Software?

Hotel management software covers a broad umbrella of operations to ensure efficient administration of their services. These operations include the following: Hotel management software

The Best Hotel Management Software in 2021

The right kind of software that runs fully automated operations like check-ins, reservations, and maintenance with just a click has revolutionized the hotel systems. Particularly after the 2019 pandemic, owing to contactless management. The basic operations of a hotel that require management software include the following:

  1. Hotel Mail and Delivery Management

  2. Hotel Team Communication

  3. Hotel Document Management

  4. Hotel Property Management

  5. Hotel Visitor Management

  6. Hotel Accounting and Finance

We have compiled a list of the best hotel management software that will help you run the hotel operation smoothly.

1. Hotel Mail and Delivery Management Software

Mail management is found in almost every other residential or commercial setup to track, organize, and deliver all or sorts of incoming and outgoing mail. Since the pandemic of 2019, this management software has come quite in handy and has been widely accepted by hoteliers to manage all sorts of their mail deliveries.

PackageX Mailroom

Pricing: The starter package starts from $142.

Download: Android | iOS

PackageX Mailroom is a specialized software solution to facilitate hotels with their challenges associated with excessive inbound and outbound mail deliveries. It has better organized the mailroom operations and has increased the mailroom efficiency by a 95% for a happier clientele.

It involves no manual data entry with fully automated systems to manage data. It tags inbound packages with their designated room numbers. Also, automated push notification, via email or text message, is sent to the recipient with the image, time of delivery, and the location of the package received. Mailroom by PackageX requires no specialized hardware for its smooth functionality. It can scan up to 50 packages at a time and saves a lot of time.

The application has a user-friendly and easy-to-manage interface where guests can easily designate a roommate or friend to pick up their package. The option to re-route packages to any specified department or building is also available, along with customized labeling for uninterrupted communication within your mailroom and with the package's recipient.

2. Hotel Team Communication Software

Hotel staff is scattered all over the place and is highly dependent on traditional forms of communication. This communication can be more efficient with the following software mentioned below:

Microsoft Teams

Pricing: Microsoft 365 Business Basic costs about USD 5 per month without the tax for businesses that need easy and remote communication solutions with protected cloud storage and Office Online.

Download: Android | iOS

Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one solution for hotel management entities for chat, calls, or video where anyone can engage at any time and brings everyone close. Hospitality industries need to maintain adequate and uninterrupted communication at all times.


Pricing: Standard package is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, available at USD 6.67 per month with a record of the organization’s entire message history and face-to-face communication with group voice and video calls.

Download: Android | iOS

Slack is a messaging application for businesses to ensure effective and streamlined communication within a team. It provides access to all information on a single platform which helps the team to organize better and formulate tasks properly.

3. Hotel Document Management Software

The hotel industry requires secure and prompt management of critical documents daily. For streamlined management of data and clients, the supervisors keep innovating their methods and software regularly. It's a regular practice by multiple hotels to waste time handling paperwork instead of interacting with guests. To avoid the mess and unnecessary paperwork, document management software can be used, which include the following:

Google Docs

Pricing: Business Starter Package is available at USD 6 per month, offering 30 GB cloud storage for each user with secure and customized business emails and video meetings with up to 100 participants.

Download: Android | iOS

Google Docs is a word processing center that allows automated editing and saving of content. Multiple people can view the document, and edits can be shared and communicated through chats. The documents can further be processed and saved in other multiple formats, including .docx, .pdf, .odt, .rtf, .txt, or .html format.

Microsoft 365 Pricing: MS 365 Business Basic is available at USD 5 per month for a year which is best suited for businesses with MS Teams that require cloud storage and Office Online.

Download: Android | iOS

Microsoft 365 is cloud-based software that has helped users to access their files on tablets and smartphones. Microsoft Office 365 enables companies to use Word, PowerPoint, and Excel through any web browser. Furthermore, users can access, share and edit files using Microsoft's One Drive cloud-based file server where and whenever required.

4. Hotel Property Management Software

It is used widely because of added Efficiency and easy management of day-to-day tasks. The most important functions include front-desk operations, reservations, channel management, housekeeping, rate and occupancy management, and payment processing. To make these multiple tasks easy and synchronized, various apps are available, which include the following:


Pricing: Premium package is available at USD 3.99 per room per month with a minimum billing of USD 65. Added features include a front desk, housekeeping, web-booking engine (without payment gateway), Facebook Booking Engine, 24x7 live chat support.

Download: Android| iOS

Hotelogix is a cloud-based property management software that simplifies and automates your hotel's management as effectively as possible. With its efficient revenue and book-keeping process, this software helps you to keep track of your KPI's and ensures an informed decision to enhance brand value in the market.

Zoho Hotel Management

Pricing: Basic is available at USD 10 for each user monthly that is billed annually.

Download: Android | iOS

Zoho offers a wide range of online software, including email, a word processor, spreadsheets, wikis, and even a customer relationship management application to sales and marketing departments.

5. Visitor Management Software

Visitor management software can be the solution for the hospitality management industry that can manage the use of their facilities by the visitors. Hotel authorities can record the guest and visitor's information, track appointments, send a notification to guests, and much more. Most efficient visitor management software includes the following:


Pricing: It is available at USD 79 for each location per month. This primarily serves the purpose for companies that need a user-friendly visitor check-in system.

Download: Android | iOS

Greetly primarily operates by automating minor administrative and data-entry tasks to enhance the productivity of the visitor management system. This ensures a higher level of accuracy in data compilation regarding the visitors in the hotel.


Pricing: The starter package is available at USD 1700 with five-hour-long virtual sessions with step-by-step guidance for up to 3 locations and expanded self-service.

Download: Android | iOS

Proxyclick is a cloud-based visitor management system specialized in empowering employees, visitors, and contractors. It is suitable for all small, midsize, and large enterprises, including visitor registration, instant pictures, badge printing, instant notifications, and reporting.

6. Hotel Accounting and Finance Software

The hospitality industry faces unique challenges and has specific requirements. Accounting software for the hospitality industry needs to have specialized functions such as strong reporting capabilities that can highlight areas that generate the most revenue and services with zero profitability.

Below mentioned are some of the most accurate management software as far as hotel accounts need to be managed and sorted:


Pricing: Simple Start is available at USD 12.50 per month, where sales, expenses, and profits are traced with invoice management by two users at the most.

Download: Android | iOS

QuickBooks is a smart yet straightforward account management software for small businesses to track expenses, customize invoices, run reports, and even more, all from one place. It provides access to manage your books from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone anytime you choose and create access privileges so that your colleagues or accountants can log in and work with your data online.

FreshBooks Pricing:

Lite is available at USD 6 per month with up to five billable clients. This is best suited for professionals with the most basic need of accounts handling.

Download: Android | iOS

FreshBooks is an accounting software primarily for small and medium-sized businesses. It is web-based software that can be accessed through a desktop or mobile device. FreshBooks incorporates over 100 great apps to streamline your business, help you connect with your team and clients, and better understand your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a FAQs section is essential, indirectly facilitating people who visit your page or site. Similarly, in hospitality, several FAQs are quite informative and helpful for customers and users that include the following:

Q. What is the hotel management?

Hotel management is a complex term that deals with running various operations within a hotel, including marketing and promotion, revenue generation, sales, public relations, and many more, to maximize performance and profitability. As mentioned earlier, hotel management is all about looking after all the operations of a hotel. It requires constant evaluation of every part of the business to ensure that all procedures are run without any trouble.

Q. What is hotel management software?

With the fast-changing technology, the hospitality industry has also started to use these advancements in their systems to increase efficiency and accuracy across their networks. Hotel management software has come a long way in helping hotel owners and managers improve the way their business operates. Hotel management software has become widespread within the hotel industry, and there are several different types of solutions available. These systems and applications have the potential to streamline processes, reduce costs, increase revenue, improve the customer experience and provide you with a competitive advantage.

Q. What does hotel PMS do? Most importantly, it does the following:

Reservation and Front Desk Operations Management

A Hotel PMS (hotel property management system) enables you to process your online guest booking directly and let your guest check in and out quickly.

Channel Management

A Hotel PMS (hotel property management system) ensures smooth functions of the hotel management. Channel management includes the handling of accommodation and revenue, to name a few.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Guest communication

This is essential for a good PMS where the owner of the business or the property can effectively communicate with the guests via professionally automated emails.

It can contribute to increasing customers’ interactions and satisfaction. Housekeeping and Maintenance management. This key feature enables the owners to view a room’s status and schedule cleaning staff, and log and schedule maintenance jobs with minimum disruption to guests.

Q. What software does Marriot use?

Marriot hotels use the Micros Opera Property Management System (PMS) that addresses the needs of any size hotel and manages all daily operational activities of a hotel.

Hotel management, as of today, has become a very electronically managed business entity. Various operations in hotel management now require a specific and designated, preferably electronic, management method. With the rapidly growing IT industry and taking over or modifying almost every other industry, hotel management has also gotten in sync with these modern control methods to ensure far more systematic handling of tasks associated with the industry. Especially during the COVID-pandemic of 2019, everything is preferably going digital. This has minimized human interaction to quite a decent extent. Most importantly, it was the need of the hour.

The software mentioned above has provided multiple options to the hotel owners to adapt to the rapidly changing world in this pandemic. They can choose the best software according to each hotel’s needs and ensure smooth operations with minimal human handling.

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