6 Benefits and Ideas to Go Paperless This Year!

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article date 2021-10-13

Go Paperless Today – Your heard us right! Why?

Old habits die hard but digital transformation is the future. Organizations are making strides to go digital, minimizing the use of paper. More and more organizations are going paperless because of multiple benefits of going paperless in business. Paperless Project states that American corporations spend over $120 billon on printed forms and most of these forms become outdated withing three months.

Moving from paper to digital documents is indeed a critical step in digital transformation. It is not only a sustainable way of operating a business but also comes with multiple benefits. There are more pros than cons of going paperless. How to go paperless? What are the benefits and idead of making a paperless office? Let’s have a look!


Benefits and Ideas of Going Paperless

There are plenty of benefits to be gained by reducing the use of paper in your office. Below, we have outlined going paperless tips. Let’s delve into it.

  1. Better Organization

  2. Convenient Collaboration

  3. Reduced Costs

  4. Sustainability

  5. Enhanced Security

  6. Increased Efficiency and Productivity

1. Better Organization

There are a range of benefits of going paperless in businesses, first being the organization. Organizing and keeping track of papers manually can be time-consuming. Searching through a messy, cluttered stack of papers for the right document can take a lot of time. Disorganization can seriously hamper your efficiency. IKEA carried out a study with Sigma Dos and found that the average person spends around . Going paperless can save you from the headache of having to declutter your storage spaces and help you organize everything in one, uniform digital platform. This way, you won’t have to fret about that pressing invoice you can’t seem to find.

2. Easier Collaboration

Digitalization means that your entire team can have access to necessary documents whenever they want. With a digital platform, they don’t have to go through the hassle of requesting files from others or searching through paper stacks to find what they need.

Once you go paperless, it becomes quite easy for the staff to know where to access necessary information. Moreover, retrieving old documents from emails or other digital platforms becomes very easy. The risk of misplacing files is also minimized.

3. Reduced Costs

If you haven’t gone paperless yet, you are likely to incur the costs of printer upkeep, toner and ink replacement and postage. This is why companies, on average, save $80 per employee once they switch to a paperless office.

Apart from physical costs, paperless work can reduce costs attached to inefficiency as well. Given that paperless work can save a lot of time, instead of doing manual paperwork, employees can invest more time on valuable work.

4. Sustainability

While we are talking about tips of going paperless, sustainability forms the core for all tips. A reduction in reliance on paper can result in equipping you with a more sustainable approach towards managing your work. According to Catalog Spree and PaperKarma, a U.S. employee, on average, uses 10,000 sheets of paper per annum. Moreover, even after recycling, the amount of paper used in offices in the U.S. continues to .

If you opt for a paperless office, you can help save our precious environment, as increased usage of paper is linked with deforestation. Other than paper, ink and ink cartridges are very harmful to the environment. This is because around 3 quartz of oil is used to manufacture ink cartridges.

Going paperless can not only help you to run a sustainable business, but can assist in building a better brand image between you and your audiences. In our age, Nielsen found .

5. Enhanced Security

Sensitive files can be a liability when misplaced. If they get misplaced, information can be stolen and compromised. A paperless approach can provide a much higher level of security for businesses worried about access control, as there are several safeguards in place such as encryptions, firewalls, and banking security measures that can help you protect your digital documents. Important documents don’t get lost in the paper piles.

6. Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Efficiency is the core of every successful business. When you cut down on time that is spent on manual work, it does not only reduce errors but also increases efficiency. Go paperless and you will see an increase in productivity and efficiency. With digital transformation, less time is spent on clerical work and more time is spent on major and productive tasks. Manual data entry, filing and organizing creates a severe strain on your time.

How does automation come into play here?

Automating your office means filling out paperwork using the latest technology and it does not only fill out the information quickly but reliably as well.

6 Ideas to Create a Paperless Office

Paperless office is not only productive but also saves up extra costs. When everything is digitally organized, you don’t have to rush through piles of paper to find the documents. Everything is available – a tap away. How can you go paperless? How to create a paperless office?

  1. Use E-Invoices

  2. Digital Documentation

  3. Reward Employees Who Help You Go Paperless

  4. Get Rid of Old Technologies

  5. Scan Your Business Cards

  6. Digital Mail Management

1. Use E-Invoices

You can always ask your vendors to send you invoices through email. This will help you organize invoices in the form of PDFs on your laptop. You can access these quite easily, without needing to go through numerous physical receipts.

2. Digital Documentation

Platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox can help you share all of your files with employees digitally. Employees can access these documents from their home computers and phones and chat with you simultaneously. This makes the whole process of communicating and scanning documents less of a hassle. This not only ensures going paperless but enhances your security.

3. Reward Employees Who Help You Go Paperless

You can incentivize the process of going paperless at the workplace. Encourage and reward employees to ditch paper and use laptops! Incentives motivate employees to go and stay green.

A proper reward and recognition system can be set up and a target can be set, so employees are given an objective to meet. If they meet their objectives, they’ll be rewarded. It’s that simple.

4. Get Rid of Old Technologies

In case you are using old technologies such as fax machines, you should get rid of them as soon as possible! By eliminating fax machines, you drastically reduce the use of paper on your end. Technology like laptops and smartphones are readily available in the market and can send the same documents that fax machines can, only quicker and cleaner.

Across different models and price ranges, you can choose technology that is best suited for you. Some offices still have cabinets full of documents. Why not start scanning and digitizing old files to prepare your business to go green and keep up with today’s new ways of doing business.

5. Scan Your Business Cards

If you are a representative of a business that attends several events, scanning your business cards can be a good way to go. Sharing scanned business cards can help you save a lot of paper. In addition, going through business card diaries, containing multiple cards, can be tiresome where accessing scanned cards is far more convenient.

6. Digital Mail Management

Mailroom is the place where you find piles of paper. Most of the time they are not your personal property. The mail belongs to the members of the building or your office. Having a digital mailroom cuts down on all unnecessary paper waste. This does not only help you save up the cost but also helps to manage storage space in your mailroom.

An efficient mailroom management solution helps you keep a track of every paper that enters or leaves your mailroom.

There are a couple of brilliant apps on the market that help you go paperless! Here is an option that can help you go digital – without any hassle.

Mailroom by PackageX: The Best App for a Paperless Office

Mailroom by PackageX is a quick solution to your mail management problems. Its OCR-enabled app helps you scan up to 50 packages in one go. Everything is digitally logged, and you don’t have to keep a paper trail. You don’t need to get an extra hardware to scan incoming or outgoing mail, your smartphone camera works as a mail scanner and scans everything withing a few seconds. What are the other key features of the app? Let’s find out!

Key Features:

• Efficient barcode scanning that replaces the need for manual data entry.

• Option available for successive scanning, so more packages can be covered in less time.

• Smart duplication detector makes sure no package is scanned twice.

• This digital mailroom comes equipped with visual notifications and reminders, so recipients always know when to pick up a package.

• Alternative options for delivery ensure safety precautions are being taken.

• All mail information is effectively stored in the directory and users can go through it whenever they want to look for specific information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though many companies have taken steps to digitize their work processes, there are still a large number of businesses that are stuck using traditional, paper-based processes. It’s not uncommon to have a few questions when deciding if you should go completely paperless. Below, we have included some of the most common questions people ask, and we have included their answers!

Q. How Do You Transition to a Paperless Office?

The initial step towards setting up a paperless office is to set the correct expectations for employees. You need to ensure that all of your employees understand the importance of going paperless and know the benefit of doing it for themselves and the organization as a whole.

Once done, you need to set a deadline for implementing the process to go paperless. By considering the tips to go paperless above, you can define deadlines and ensure the idea of going paperless at work becomes a reality soon.

Q. Is it Safe to Go Paperless?

The benefits of going paperless are obvious, but before making the leap, it is a good idea to evaluate the pitfalls. If you plan on going paperless but have all of your financial bills on E-billing, you need to be vigilant enough to ensure that bills are being paid on time.

There are many common misconceptions that make people believe that putting their data online, puts them at risk. That’s not true, however. Digital software comes with added security features. These include role-based access and multiple verification levels that ensure your information is not going into the wrong hands.

Going paperless can be rewarding in the long term. If you are someone who is passionate about saving the environment, are aware of the costs of using paper or are a business owner looking for cost cutting techniques to implement into your business, going paperless is a great solution.

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