Uplifting offshore employees: Farrukh Mahboob in conversation with StartUp Beat

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article date May 20, 2019

Farrukh Mahboob, the Founder & CEO at PackageX and VisionX has been preaching and practicing a unique management philosophy towards his foreign workforce.

In an interview to StartUp Beat, Farrukh emphasized on how the development of human capital and talent should be the primary concern of businesses looking to grow overseas.

As the PackageX client base and product deployment stretches over 28 countries, Farrukh has found millennial and generation-z in the developing countries just as hungry for cutting-edge innovations as in any other developed country, "We see that as an opportunity for us: not only to connect global demand and supply for economic uplifting, but also to act as a platform for these demographic segments and unlock their dreams while maximizing their abilities." said Farrukh. Read the full interview here

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