Top 5 Office Front Desk Tools to Increase Your Productivity

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article date 2021-11-08

Performing manual tasks in an office was an analog affair in the traditional days. Although technology such as computers, printers, fax machines, and copiers made your life easier, many low-value tasks had to be done manually and consumed a lot of time. Let's face it: who has time for that now?

The front office's role is to become the first and last point of contact for anyone visiting the company, and they should set the tone for the entire experience. According to research, traits such as trustworthiness can be detected in as little as a tenth of a second. A position as vital as that, they must make a highly positive first impression with software that employs high-tech tools.

In a world becoming more tech-savvy, tools used in front office services are also evolving rapidly. The physical processes that held you back before being replaced by technological innovations can streamline your productivity in ways that you couldn't have imagined. A report suggests that digital transformation results in improved efficiencies (40%), quicker time to market (36%), and better customer experience (35%).

According to Gallup, highly engaged employees have the potential to be 21% more productive.

Featured Tools that You Need for Front Office Services

For front desk tools, collaboration and management are the main features. They allow individuals to stay in touch with their teams and provide the information they need to make smart decisions. Managers can do this per department, helping ensure the right person is in the right place for a particular task.

Overall, effective front desk tools help streamline your communication, reduce your contact time, and improve customer satisfaction.

1. Package Management

The problem goes beyond the constant parade of people in and out of the office. It extends to packages, as well. An office receptionist's day is as much about deliveries as it is about people management. It is more and more common for receptionists to assume the responsibilities of shipping clerks at the office.

Automized package delivery at work is a benefit that employees genuinely appreciate, and workplaces should always be on the lookout for implementing front desk tools to address and accommodate such resources. Using the Mailroom by PackageX app, automation becomes elementary! All receptionists have to snap a picture of the shipping label, and the software handles the rest. By sending an email or text, it notifies the recipient that their package is ready for pickup for same-day delivery. Front desk tools used in front office services should be any business's foremost priority.

Mailroom by PackageX has an easy workflow app, with 24/7 support, and personal onboarding to ensure the seamless transition to a digital mailroom. By leveraging APIs and webhooks, Mailroom by PackageX aims to solve modern front desk problems. A mailroom management system that offers comfort and convenience with tools used in front desk services. Mobility is fundamental to productivity in the digital office. The use of portable devices and Wi-Fi in a modern corporate office can offer its employees an incredible number of benefits.

2. Intercom

The live chat market leader is Intercom. Many sites across the web feature their friendly blue bubble in the bottom right corner. The helpdesk ticketing software is incredibly robust to performance and functionality. Your team can use a unified team inbox to respond to customer inquiries, regardless of whether the message originated from your website, mobile app, or internal product.

Using the same customer-facing module, you can provide customers access to your support team or even your automated support service. There is a lot of streamlined functionality, providing you with tools to grow.

3. Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management software has become one of the most common tools in the workplace. Businesses can track their clients, conversations, and other data through a CRM system. However, it is most important that numerous users can access the same information simultaneously.

While your office serves as a central hub for all your employees, it does not mean they are confined to a desk all day. The internet has become ubiquitous in our daily lives, so all your workers need a Wi-Fi-enabled device to get the job done. Therefore, CRM operates in the cloud. Accessible from anywhere.

Rather than saving data to multiple devices or servers, you save it to one account. Using their mobile devices, users can get information on the go or record data in real-time. Data is updated instantaneously so that every user can access the latest version. To better assist clients and coworkers, this is one of the essential tools used in front office services.

4. Help Desk Software

HubSpot is the most effective tool used in front office services. The company offers a suite of comprehensive marketing, sales, and support software solutions that businesses can use to run their help desk. Each member of the team has access to one central dashboard. The whole organization has access to the most common issues and questions your customers are generally raising.

Additionally, you can assign tickets to support team members on this centralized dashboard page - or take advantage of the software's tools to automatically assign tickets to the correct stakeholders using rules and automation.

5. Visitor Tracking Software

Companies often follow the check-in and check-out policy for safety reasons, but it can also increase the workload for front desk staff. As well as monitoring all visitors to the building, the front desk also issues badges, checks IDs, and performs a multitude of other tasks that can lead to dissatisfied guests and long lines.

Visitor management software, like iLobby, helps eliminate a great deal of the manual work of checking visitors in and out. The most required front desk tool used in front office services ensures a hundred percent of every experience.


Keeping up with productivity goals requires the right front desk tools for your workforce. Modern offices are becoming a multi-functional powerhouse. It now appears that the value of workers is double what it was a few decades ago, and it will only increase as technology advances. Many tools used in front office services replace older tools with newer, faster alternatives as new apps and software emerge almost daily. The connected world and the digital office are becoming more proactive as these changes make the world more connected and information more accessible. Package delivery will be revolutionized by the advent of technological advancements and new tools used in front office services.

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